The Trench Coat
Hello, everyone!
 This post is the second in a series on Tim Gunn’s 10 Wardrobe Essentials (for the first post on the Classic Black Dress, click here).
The beauty of a trench coat is that you can wear it with pretty much anything, so for this post I decided to create three looks going from casual, to professional, to out on the town.
Look #1
For running errands, or really any other casual weekend activity, a serious trench coat will counter act any silly elements in your outfit (like a bag that looks like a dog, for instance) and keep you from looking juvenile. In my opinion, it’s all about yin and yang when it comes to curating a good outfit. I paired the Burberry trench shown with a cashmere sweater from Uniqlo, J Crew jeans, a dog bag by Romwe and a bright pair of flats by Shoetopia.
Look #2
I kept things very simple and classic for the office, a style that the trench coat embodies. I added a color blocking element to the outfit with the shoes and bag just to make sure it wasn’t too boring. The blouse is by Uniqlo, pants by French Connection, shoes by Valentino Garavani and bag by Fendi.
Look #3
Again with the yin and yang, the more structured, and even boxy at times, trench can easily contrast a sexy or flirty ensemble. Here I paired an Herve Leger bandage dress with sheer panels around the shoulders with Sergio Rossi sandals and a Bao Bao Issey Miyake mirrored bag.
What do you guys think? How would you style a trench coat? You can click the image above to be taken to all of the shopping info!
Have a great day!
Bauble Bar Sale
Hello, everyone!
I just wanted to alert you to the fact that Bauble Bar is having a sample sale that is ending on February 27th! Bauble Bar is a great place to get affordable statement jewelry, and with this sale you really can’t beat the prices! Seriously, I’ve chosen some of my favorite pieces from the sale above and everything in the image is $25 or less.You can get to the sale by clicking here.What do you think? Are you going to get anything?
Happy shopping!

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Hello, everyone!

Today I thought I’d start a new category: Minute Meals! I’ll be cataloging quick and easy meals that come in handy when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to cook. I’m usually lacking in the time department when it comes to mornings (damn my ability to sleep through an alarm), and so I decided to start with a quick and easy breakfast recipe. It is the most important meal of the day, after all.

 I’m not sure how many people know this, I didn’t at first anyway, but you can actually make cream of rice in about 4 minutes in the microwave. This is a great option for a hot breakfast that is also gluten free and high in iron. It also doesn’t hurt that a box of cream of rice is only a few dollars for 9 servings. Cream of wheat is another option with roughly the same nutritional values, although obviously it is not gluten free. I’ve never noticed much of a difference between the two, but many people will say they prefer cream of wheat because it has a little more texture to it.

Both cereals don’t have much flavor on their own, which means you can add whatever you like and it will be delicious! I like to melt a little butter in to it and sweeten with some brown sugar, although you can use anything you like (honey, maple syrup, etc). You can also top with any fruit of your choosing; I went with the classic combination of strawberries and bananas. If you want to add an extra crunch you could even add slivered almonds or candied pecans. Although, be warned that if you top with something candied you might not need the sugar!

Do you guys have any go-to minute meals?

Have a great day!

May you one day find a love as true as theirs. Happy Valentine's Day! #vday #valentinesday #kanye #truelove

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My idea of a #50shades fantasy 😏 #seewhatididthere

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Finger paints for adults. #stayinsidethelines 🎨

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Hello, everyone!

I’ve noticed that there is generally a lack of “Foto” posts on FFF, mostly because it’s hard to come up with original images that don’t overlap with Food or Fashion. When I started the blog I thought that the Foto category would be great for travel, but since you don’t get to do much of that when you work full time, I thought I would start posting some images I’ve snapped in my day-to-day life. I really like photography and curating images (and sometimes jokes to go with the images) and so Instagram is kind of my jam when it comes to social media. The single images with a optional caption are kind of like micro-blogging, don’t do think? Anyway, I don’t feel like each one is worthy of its own post, so I’m testing out doing a weekly roundup of images from my Instagram (@beckyfmartin) that do not appear in any other blog posts. What do you guys think? Should I keep doing this?

Have a great weekend!


Hello, everyone!

I’ve been nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”! I want to thank Petite and Pretty for the nomination =)


Here are the rules: 

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add their link to your blog

2. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers

5. Contact your nominees and provide a link to your post

6. Display the award logo on your blog, whether on your sidebar or about page, or special award page


Here are seven facts about me:

1. I love making lists, even if it’s for simple things that in no way require a list for me to keep track of them. I mostly just like getting to cross things off of lists.

2. I tend to not wear makeup, even if I should.

3. I’ve been known to keep a bar of chocolate next to my bed. It has become so common recently that I’ve started referring to it as my “bed chocolate”.

4. I’m constantly going back and forth between “I need to cut down my wardrobe to only quality essentials that I can wear everyday” and “I need one of everything in every color available”.

5. I’m obsessed with budgeting.

6. I’d like to start my own business some day.

7. I was nominated for the Liebster Award twice, but never got around to posting about it because I don’t usually like talking about myself as opposed to fashion and recipes. Oops =/ Sorry, guys.


I’d like to nominate:

1. A Spoonful of Style

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Thanks everyone for reading! Have a great day!

3 Ways to Wear the Classic LBD
Hello, everyone!
You may remember a little while ago I started a post series on Tim Gunn’s 10 wardrobe essentials. Today I am showing you the first item, a classic black dress, and how I tend to style mine. The one I own is a Michael Kors T-shirt dress that is very similar to the one above, which is actually from H&M. I would recommend buying something simple and versatile, in a comfortable yet luxurious feeling fabric. That way you can dress it up or down easily.
Look #1: Casual
For this look I paired the dress with some chucks, a crossbody bag, a scarf and a denim jacket with some cool, statement making sunglasses. This is a great way to wear the CBD on the go, just layer it up and head out the door!
Look #2: Tribal
This is actually a look that I wear pretty often, and I did my best to recreate it here. The tribal look involves strappy sandals with lots of accessories in natural stones and skins. I wear something almost identical to what is above, with the exception of the necklace; mine is a coral and turquoise multi-strand statement maker. I wear this with a high, messy pony tail and natural looking makeup. It’s a great in-between outfit; not too casual and not too fancy.
Look #3: Dressy
The dressy option is actually pretty simple. Wear your highest, nicest heels with simple jewelry (pearls are great) and a jealousy-inducing-yet-not-too-flashy clutch, and top it off with don’t-look-at-me sunglasses and a pop of color on your lips. I was inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s for this one, can you tell? =p
That’s it! What do you guys think? How do you wear your classic black dress?
You can click the image above to get all the shopping info!
Have a great day!

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Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! Even though the weather was not cooperating I was still able to enjoy all the fresh flowers everywhere and go out to a nice dinner. Snow or no snow, I love a good excuse to get dressed up! I didn’t take many photos but I’ll have to do an outfit post for what I wore and another on the restaurant where I had dinner, so stay tuned for those. What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

Happy Sunday!


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