My history with eyeglasses is a long one. It all began one day in Mrs. Wilk’s third grade class when I found myself wondering why she had switched from writing notes on the board to simply waving her hand around while lecturing about the importance of cursive. Next thing you know I was reading a series of vowels incorrectly and exited the optometrist’s office with my first pair of glasses. They were copper wire frames with a rounded lens. I was not happy.

All photographic evidence to the contrary.

All photographic evidence to the contrary.

And so began the annual struggle. Each year before school began, I would go to the optometrist, find out that I had become a little blinder, and would have to pick a new pair of frames. Being a child with an appropriately small head meant my selection was limited, and I always felt like I was picking the pair that was the least unflattering, instead of finding a pair that I actually liked that would go with my new back-to-school clothes. I tried everything: wire frames, Harry Potter frames, black plastic frames, I even experimented with transitional lenses. Besides the definitive opinion that no one should ever have transitional lenses, I felt like I hadn’t learned anything about my preferred style of eyeglasses. As a young fashion fanatic, this was very upsetting and I often felt defeated each year when exiting the optometrist’s office.

This is as good as it’s gonna get.

I longed for contacts. That was the only solution I could think of. All the cool girls at school had contacts, and being in 7th grade meant that being cool was pretty much all anyone ever did anything for. For years I begged my parents to let me get contacts. Unfortunately, I am the oldest child, and as such my parents’ overdeveloped sense of danger told them that contacts would surely lead to my untimely death.

Eventually, after I spent my freshman year of high school with glasses bouncing around my face whilst running the timed mile for our track team, my Mom caved and allowed me to get contacts. And honestly, I never looked back. I wore my contacts every day. I finally got to embrace sunglasses — the cool, leather-jacket-wearing older brother of eyeglasses. My brown, rectangular plastic frames only adorned my face for brief moments while I was in my pajamas or sipping my morning coffee. All was right with the world.

Then, right around the time I went to college, something unexpected happened. The quirky nerd movement had begun, and glasses became cool. My extremely fashionable, ahead-of-the-curve roommate even had a fake pair. As the years went on, they only became more popular, even iconic for some people. I like to think that this movement was caused by the rise of the tech/nerd giants like Steve Jobs combined with the creation of several popular television shows, like The Big Bang Theory and New Girl, where starring characters wore thick frames.

Hell yea.

So I decided that I of all people, with my 20/300 vision, should be able to rock this trend, and went out last year to finally replace my rectangular brown frames with a pair of large square tortoise shell glasses a la Jessica Day. However, I didn’t wear them instead of my contacts. Not even once. Maybe it’s a mental block that I have, but I have the hardest time styling them. Normally when this happens with clothes, I will go online or flip through a magazine and try to get some inspiration. Unfortunately, a quick Google search for “eyeglasses ads” revealed quite a lot of good looking people, wearing glasses, and starring in to space, and nothing else. This wasn’t very inspiring.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

 So when Warby Parker contacted me last week to ask if I would take a look at their Waterway and Beacon collections for the blog, I wasn’t sure I could come up with much to write about. But unexpectedly, just a quick look at their website was enough to change my mind. I have to say, if you’re looking for inspiration for a new pair of frames, this is the place to go. Their models are the opposite of starring in to space; they’re at a birthday party, they’re jumping in to a pool with their clothes on, they’re eating Chinese food at 2am, these girls look cool. Like, Jenna-Lyons-letting-her-bun-down-to-play-bass-in-her-cover-band-at-an-underground-bar-in-Williamsburg-on-a-Tuesday-night cool. Or attending-a-museum-exhibit-opening-just-to-steal-one-of-the-complementary-bottles-of-champagne-and-sneak-to-the-restricted-second-floor-with-your-friends cool (damn that sounds awesome, I need to do that).

Beacon Collection

Beacon Collection






Waterway Collection

Because YOLO, am i right?

Possibly the best part is that the glasses don’t cost an arm and a leg, with frames starting at just $95, and for every pair sold, they donate a pair to someone in need. Or, if you want to think of it this way, you can buy two pairs starting at just $47.50 each, and then give one away out of the kindness of your heart. Because, you know, you’re really cool like that.

Check out a few of my favorite pairs below and let me know what you guys think! Have a great day!








Dressing appropriately for the office is something, I have to admit, I’m not the best at. And it’s not for a lack of being able to put together an outfit. But rather, not having said outfit in the first place. You see, I never buy “office appropriate” clothes because I don’t like them. I think they’re boring. There, I said it. And aside from one pair of trousers, one silk button down, and a polka dot day dress I’m already running out of things that would be considered office professional. I’ve only bought one suit in my life and it is a tuxedo jacket made out of a silver hammered silk with matching track pants. Unless I get a job in Vegas, this isn’t going to be seen by my coworkers.

Luckily, my office has a very relaxed dress code, where it’s okay if I choose to wear jeans and a flannel (my uniform). But sometimes, I get inspired to go the extra mile. I’m an adult now, damnit I think to myself and I try to wear something remotely in the vicinity of what my friends in finance might wear to the office. I can only assume that they make all that money because they look so damn put together. Dress for success is a thing, right?

Of course as you can see above I couldn’t help putting my own spin on it by wearing my patterned Peter Pilotto for Target skirt with my one silk blouse by Michael Kors (which I found at the Wrentham Outlets for a great price, if anyone wants to try their luck there I would recommend it).

What do you guys think? How’s the dress code at your office? How do you put a personal spin on your work wardrobe?

Have a great day!


Hey, everyone!

Technically, I wore this outfit on Easter, which is kind of awhile ago but I really wanted to share it with you! I love this dress because it’s so classic and versatile. I’ve worn it for my college graduation, with a white blazer for work, and now here with some vintage denim and reflective sunglasses. The best part about this outfit is that both the dress (Ralph Lauren) and the shoes (Michael Kors) are from Marshall’s and only cost about 50-60 bucks each. That’s what I call a “fab found” haha. I think this might be my favorite way to style this dress; I love the Americana look and denim is my go-to when it comes to dressing down pieces that are inherently dressier. It’s all about the high/low mix! Do you guys have any tricks for dressing up or down an outfit?

If you want to see more of my photos you can follow me on Instagram (@beckyfmartin).

Have a great day!


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