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Only 2 more days 😎 #Maine

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Legs or tofu dogs? Get it? #definitelynothotdogs #toopaleforthatjoke 🙍🏻

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Why can't my hair just look like this on its own 😣 #latergram #currentlyfrizzcity

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Who knew putting childhood toys on shoes would result is such cuteness 😍😜👠

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Hello, everyone!

Happy July! Jeez, the summer is flying by.

I just thought I would check in here and share some of the photos I shared on Instagram last month that did not make it on the blog. I am about to go to DC for about a week and so I may not be able to post anything until after I get back. Be sure to follow me @beckyfmartin if you can’t wait until then!

Have a great day!

3 Ways to Wear the Cashmere Sweater

Hello, everyone!

This is the 8th part of a 10 part series on Wardrobe Essentials. Be sure to check out parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7!

You may be thinking that June is arguably not the most traditional month to wear a cashmere sweater, but with the temperature fluctuating between 65 and 90, and the relentless blast of the AC at various establishments, I would beg to differ. Per usual I’ve styled one casual look, one office look, and one going out look. Let’s jump in, shall we? You all know the drill by now.

Look #1

For the weekend, I decided to go for a mix of grunge and feminine. The ripped jeans go perfectly with a half tucked sweater and slider sandals (seriously, how comfy do those look?), and a laser cut tote with pink accessories and beauty products helps to refine the look. I would wear big loose curls in my hair (most likely left over from the night prior) with this outfit and be ready for a Saturday of brunch and running errands.

Look #2

I used a bright and crisp floral printed skirt to bring the sweater into the warmer seasons at the office. Mixed with killer heels and lady like accessories, your coworkers won’t even notice that you’ve basically circumvented the “no snuggies” rule at your office. Bring on the air conditioning.

Look #3

This might be my favorite look out of the three. Strappy sandals and skinny leather pants mixed with bold printed accessories give the sweater formerly known as the office appropriate snuggie some sex appeal. The 90’s inspired choker makes it all the better. The one pictured here is only $6 and I’m debating getting it to relive my glory days as a fourth grader. Wear this look for a night out with the girls with big curls in your hair, wake up the next morning and refer to Look #1.

What do you guys think? How do you style your cashmere sweaters?

:: Shopping Information ::

Look #1: Ray Ban Sunglasses // Saachi Earrings // YSL Lipstick // Uniqlo Sweater // DKNY Tote // Luc Luc Jeans // Alexander Wang Sandals

Look #2: Thierry Lasry Sunglasses // Kate Spade Earrings // Stila Lipstick // Uniqlo Sweater // Style Moi Bag // Blumarine Skirt // Casadei Heels

Look #3: Forever 21 Choker // Aldo Earrings // Lancome Lipstick // Uniqlo Sweater // Ted Baker Clutch // Saint Laurent Pants // Giuseppe Zanotti Heels

Damriscotta LakeHello, everyone!

Last weekend I was in Maine. I am lucky enough that my family owns a cabin that is available in the summer, and it is in a quiet enough place that it’s the perfect place to relax! This was the view we arrived to on Friday afternoon. =) I love ocean or lake front views and so I went a little Instagram crazy over the weekend. The sunsets and sunrises are even more beautiful.

Sunset over the LakeDamriscotta Lake SunsetDamriscotta Lake SunriseOn Saturday I got some much needed vitamin D. Relaxing on a dock or beach surrounded by water is one of my favorite places to be. I could do it all day. =)

Tanning on the DockLater on in the afternoon my friend and I headed into Camden, a small town on the coast. Sometimes it feels like all of the towns on the coast of Maine are similar; little local shops on main street with amazing views down by the water. I particularly love Camden’s port and library leading down to an amphitheater! The stairs in the photo below were being overgrown with wild strawberries! A very conveniently placed snack for when you are sitting and viewing a local play =p.

Camden BoatsCamden Maine LibraryFor Saturday’s sunset we headed to the Pemaquid Point lighthouse. During the day it is a great place to be; large rock formations leading out to the ocean make it a prime picnic destination. We just barely made it there for last light and I was able to snap a few photos of the trees against the sky line before heading back. As much as I like living in a city it’s nice to be able to get away to places with such amazing views every once in a while.

Pemaquid Point Sunset

What do you guys have planned for the weekend? 

Rose Skin Care

See Shopping Information Below

Hello, everyone!

I’ve wanted to do a post like this for a while now. As some readers may know, I tend to be more obsessed with skin care products than makeup, and I recently bought a cosmetic ingredients dictionary that I cannot seem to put down. Tell me what to put on my face to solve all of my skin care problems!

While I haven’t read even close to all of the entries, I have heard plenty of good things about roses and rose infused skin care products, so I decided to look them up in my trusty dictionary. It turns out there are a lot of benefits to using rose skin care. Roses and their derived ingredients are a natural astringent, with tonic and even anti-septic properties. They also help your skin to maintain its natural moisture level, making these products great for people with dry skin. I was surprised that rose hip oil in particular can help to regulate oil gland secretions, meaning that these ingredients can help you walk that fine line between having your face look like either a dandruff commercial or an oil slick (I have combination skin and I am normally facing one of these two battles). Plus, let’s not forget your face is going to smell like Valentine’s Day.

I recently purchased the Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening and Refining Buff Cleanser, which I like. It is gentle while also exfoliating, part of me wishes it was a foam cleanser instead of a cream one but I think that is just a mental block I have, always thinking that foam equals clean. I got a sample of the Fresh Rose Face Mask with my purchase and have tried that a few times as well. It’s a gentle mask; you don’t really feel it when its on and I even slept in it one night, but when you rinse it off your skin feels so soft and smooth and clean. I feel like I’ll need to use these products with others that are a little more aggressive with controlling oil since it’s summer and that is when my skin is at full oil slick status. Maybe I’ll have to track down some rose hip oil! But in the winter I can imagine these products really saving my face.

Have you guys used any of the products above? What benefits did you see?


Row 1:

Fresh Rose Foaming Cleanser // Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Cleanser // Korres Wild Rose and Vitamin C Sleeping Facial // Korres Wild Rose Brightening and Refining Buff Cleanser // Fresh Rose Floral Toner

Row 2:

Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment // Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum // Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream // Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream

Row 3:

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask // Fresh Rose Face Mask // Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist // Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cream Moisturizer // Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Precious Oil

Christian Louboutin Shoe Box

It seems like every girl in the world loses her mind when it comes to Christian Louboutin heels. Which made me feel slightly odd when I didn’t. That’s right, not too long ago I was not a fan of the designers shoes. I am not someone who loves obvious branding on her clothes and accessories and I often thought of the red sole as the shoe world’s equivalent to the monogram. No thanks. Plus, a black stiletto is a black stiletto is a black stiletto, right?

You’d be surprised.

A few months ago while I was visiting my friend in New York, I went window shopping to kill some time while I waited for her to get out of work. My current pair of BCBG black pumps were starting to look a little haggard and so a newer and preferably shinier pair were on my to-buy list. As comfortable and reliable as the BCBG pumps were, they weren’t an investment. I wanted the one pair of black heels that would last me forever and what better place to do some pre-purchase research than on Madison Avenue?

I walked past the Christian Louboutin store, not even noticing it at first. I didn’t even know it was there! But a second later when my brain caught up with my peripherals I circled back and went inside. Maybe I’ll just try on a pair or two to confirm that I don’t like them…

I found the Pigalles in black and the ridiculously attentive sales woman had me sans socks in a matter of three minutes.

I stood up to take a look, and woah. Maybe I had been wrong about Christian all this time. These weren’t just black stilettos; I had tried on plenty of those before. These were something else. The lines on them were so sleek and elegant that the shoe became a more naturally beautiful extension of my foot. I looked taller, longer, leaner, more delicate even. And just like that I didn’t really care that the bottoms were red. Hey, every outfit could use a little extra pop of color right? =p

And so it was decided. I begged for and then saved several Neiman Marcus gift cards over the course of my birthday and Christmas, and then still had to throw in a few hundred dollars of my own (these babies are not cheap I tell you), but then I had enough to make my investment. I made my way online, chose the Pigalle Follies (because I like the skinnier heel compared to just the Pigalles) in a black patent leather (because I want to be able to keep them clean and unscuffed easily), and pressed “Purchase”.

The box arrived several days later. The packaging is clean and understated; Christian doesn’t have to advertise that he’s so good he can convert even serious brand-o-phobes like me.  I took the shoes out. Their soles were still untouched and gleaming red.

But then I tried them on and woah… again. These had a skinnier heel, but also a smaller toe box than the Pigalles. It seems like the only thing the shoe is actually covering is my toe nails. I freak out for a moment and run, aka teeter quickly, over to my full length mirror.  Do they look bad?

Nope. They are are the opposite of bad. They are just a beautiful as ever. I breathe a sigh of relief and realize that I’ll have to figure out how to break them in properly so I don’t kill my feet the first time I wear them for anything close to an extended period of time. My roommate better get used to finding me vacuuming in Louboutins and fuzzy socks.

The things we do for beauty.

Shoes :: Christian LouboutinChristian Louboutin Pigalle Follies in Black


Hello, everyone!

I’m sorry for the decreased amount of posting lately. The truth is I have been doing a lot of research on how to make my blog better, which has distracted me from producing content as frequently as I normally would (which still isn’t as much as I would like it to be).

I have been treating this blog as a hobby for some time now, telling myself that it doesn’t really matter how pretty it looks or how many people notice it at the end of the day, because it’s just fun and as long as I am enjoying it and the people who read it are enjoying it, then it has served its purpose.

But I’ve changed my mind on this recently, and decided that instead of working second and third jobs and letting my hobby sit on the way side for long stretches of time, I’m going to attempt to monetize my hobby (seems like a win-win, right?).

I have recently converted to a self hosted platform, which means you should no longer see random ads from WordPress below my posts. It also means that I have more control over the layout of the blog itself and I am hoping to make some changes over time, as I learn more about coding and web design, in order to make the website more enjoyable.

I expect that this will be a long and slow transition, as I don’t exactly know what I’m doing, but I hope that you will stick with me for it and let me know what you think as I go.  For the time being I don’t intend on doing much more than getting myself into the habit of posting better quality content more frequently, and trying to get FFF out there so more people know about it.

I definitely do not plan on throwing a bunch of ads everywhere or collaborating with brands that aren’t my style. If you ever think it looks that way, please call me out on it! I don’t want FFF to be littered with annoying attempts to take your money, I want it to be a source of inspiration. If you find a few cool new products along the way, all the better, but it won’t be anything that I don’t love or use myself.

If you’re a fan of my blog, then please let me know what types of posts you want to see more of! Outfits? Recipes? 3 ways to wear it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, and Twitter!

Thank you for all of your support, I can’t wait to create more content for you and share my progress along the way =)


Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

Hello, everyone!

I’m going through a bit of a beet phase at the moment. This is my second recipe for some variation of a beet salad. They are nature’s candy after all.

I’ve been bringing this quick-to-pack lunch to work all week and it’s delicious! Plus it’s super easy to make and healthy (so it’s a win, win, win).

All you need is some arugula, precooked beets (these are available at the supermarket, or you can cook your own) that have been diced, slivered almonds, and crumbled goat cheese. Combine at the ratio of your choosing and top with a balsamic dressing. The mild sweetness of the beets with the creaminess of the goat cheese helps to counter the arugula, which can be bitter on its own, and the almonds add an extra crunch! I like to keep a bag of them in the kitchen to throw on top of salads or even parfaits!

Do you guys have any go-to lunches?

Have a great day!