Hey everyone!

I finally bought a mirror over the weekend, and obviously I decided to go big or go home =p. Hopefully now I can start regularly sharing some of my outfits with you on here!

Today was a cold and lazy kind of Monday morning, and so I stuck to the basics. I’m wearing an American Apparel thermal and skinny jeans from Joe’s Jeans with a very voluminous plaid vintage scarf, a wool moto style jacket by Michael Kors, and suede booties by Tracy Reese. My bag is Michael Kors and my sunglasses are Prada. I’m so glad accessories exist, because without them I would probably look like a bum all the time haha.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite pieces for keeping warm?

Have a great day!


Hey everyone!

Since I still don’t have a place set up to take photos of my outfits in my new apartment I figured I would just make a photo of my favorite go to outfit lately on Polyvore. I’ve posted about this Brian Lichtenberg sweatshirt before and I have purchased it for myself since then. It’s super comfortable and casual without looking like you just came from the gym which is great. As it gets cooler I’ve started pairing it with button downs underneath, flannels in particular. I have a blue and green men’s one from American Eagle but the Uniqlo one pictured above is also perfect. Jeans from Joes Jeans because their default inseam is 34″ (tall girls rejoice) and then just some chucks and my Reed Krakoff boxer bag with Prada sunnies and some red YSL beauty products for a little contrast. I feel like I finally have a go to off-duty look for the weekends which is really exciting because there’s nothing better than not having to think when you’re getting dressed and still looking put together.

What do you guys think? What’s your favorite off-duty outfit?

Have a great day!


So if you’ve ever been on Tumblr, you’ve probably seen the meme displayed to the left at some point in time. I’ll admit it is pretty funny, but Taylor Swift engaging in the fun makes it sooo much better. She stepped out in this T shirt that reads “no it’s Becky” about a week ago, and now it’s like the entire internet has an inside joke with the singer. I can’t decide of this is better than when Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin kept wearing T shirts with pictures of each other on it, but it’s definitely up there.

You can now get in on the joke by purchasing a T shirt of your own here. I feel inclined to take the plunge since my name is in fact Becky… What do you guys think? Should I do it?

Have a great day!


So I don’t usually do a lot of beauty posts, since the beauty department definitely isn’t my area of expertise. I still consider contouring to be a strange magic that takes you from war paint to Kim Kardashian with just blending. How do you not end up looking like a Picasso? I may never know. But I digress…

Every now and then I find a product that makes the grueling world of primping a little easier. Today that product is YSL’s nail polish. Usually I don’t even bother painting my nails because it’s too messy. Maybe you guys will relate to this… I have to paint on about 5 layers of polish to get the color to be opaque, it’s time consuming and messy, and the polish pools around my cuticles and takes forever to dry. I usually end up smudging or denting it on accident later in the day and just give up and take it all off.

This nail polish is totally different. One coat of their “rouge pop art” red and I am good to go. I also manage to not look like a toddler after their first finger painting endeavor once I’m done. I’m not sure if this is due to a difference in the bottle’s design or maybe in the consistency of the polish itself but regardless this is an added bonus. I loved it so much I recently got the coral color as well.

What do you think? Do you guys have a favorite nail polish?

Have a great day!

Hey, Everyone!

I’m not sure if this post exactly falls under the “Fashion Food Fotos” umbrella, but I was given the opportunity to watch the premiere of the new comedy “Selfie”, starring Karen Gillan before it airs tomorrow night on ABC, and I wanted to share my opinion on it so as to help you navigate the overwhelming Television overload that is premiere week (month?).

I am a huge fan of Karen Gillan and her work on the BBC show “Doctor Who” and so I was excited to see some of what she has been up to since then. Needless to say, this is not a British scifi show about time travel. Gillian’s character, Eliza Dooley, is an ugly duckling turned Instagram-famous, self-obsessed swan. It turns out Karen is scary good at speaking in hashtags and looking almost brain dead while trying to listen to other people speak about anything that doesn’t involve herself. The episode is borderline hard to watch at times and even as a 22 year old, I had some trouble keeping up with all the abbreviations and internet slang that Eliza works into daily conversations. However, Eliza is given a rude awakening (spoilers, heh heh get it?) when she is thoroughly embarrassed in front of all of her coworkers and none of her “friends” try to help her.

This prompts Eliza to ask Henry Higgs (played by John Cho) to help her re-brand herself into someone people can genuinely like and not just double tap on their Instagram feed. Higgs has just successfully re-branded a product at the pharmaceutical company where Eliza is the top sales rep and he accepts the unusual challenge and the scene is set for the rest of the series. In case you hadn’t picked up on this already, the show is meant to be a modern day Pygmalion.

As an episode I would say that this is nothing special. But I am hoping that the show becomes better as Eliza’s makeover progresses, a la the aesthetics of America Ferrera in Ugly Betty. I will probably tune in for a couple more episodes, but I wouldn’t let this take priority over other prime time premieres. Watch it online¬†after it airs on Tuesday.

I’ve included the trailer above! Are you guys going to tune in? Let me know what you think in the comments =)

This feels like a great excuse for celebratory cupcakes

Wow! There are 200 of you. Actually, there are already 220 of you. I know that in the grand scheme of things that isn’t that many people, but I just wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for following FFF. Right now the website is just a hobby, but it’s nice to know that other fashion fanatics out there agree with my opinions and like my content enough to keep coming back for more. =) Thank you again, you guys are awesome.

What is everyone planning for the weekend? Cupcakes?


Hello, Everyone!

Just wanted to share the latest and greatest sale item that I purchased. I’ve been drooling over these Armani cut out black suede slingback pumps for a long time now, so imagine my excitement when they popped up in my size at the Wrentham Outlets! At 70% off they were still a pretty penny, but they used to be a pretty nickel so I would consider that a win, don’t you?

They are surprisingly comfortable for the height of the heel and I can’t wait to break them out for a nice dinner or swanky bar.

If you don’t live near one of the outlets, you can check them out on the Armani website, here.

Where do you guys find the best sales?

Have a great day!


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