My Everyday Breakfast

This seems counter productive for me, as a wannabe food blogger, to admit this, but most mornings I have the exact same thing for breakfast. Yes, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Yes, sometimes I make breakfast for dinner. Yes, I spend all week thinking about what cool brunch recipes I can try on Sunday morning. But during the work week, I have this thing called work, which means I don’t get much time in the mornings to spend on cooking.

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Confession: My Sunday Attire is Starting to Look A Lot Like My Gym Attire

The title of this post kind of gives the ending to my story away, doesn’t it?

I recently bought a pair of black joggers from Everlane and they quickly became my favorite pair of lounge pants/pajamas.Β But then one lazy Sunday morning I needed to go grocery shopping, and I didn’t change out of said sweatpants before leaving my apartment. Actually, because my coat kept the general public from seeing the XL Muscle Milk T shirt I was wearing with the pants, I didn’t change out of anything. I just put on shoes and a coat and went to the grocery store in my pajamas. It felt bad but also so good. I guess it’s never too late to have a little rebellious streak haha.

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A Complete List of Where to Buy Discounted Designer Clothes Online

Photo via The Coveteur

I remember falling in love with fashion like it was yesterday. First, I noticed a coat that was featured in my Mom’s Vogue magazine. The model was wearing this amazing plum colored plaid coat with brown fur cuffs, collar, and trim (I may be dating myself…) and once I saw it I couldn’t stop staring at it. I didn’t know clothes could be that beautiful. Where did you even get something like that?

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Banana Scramble Breakfast Bowl


I’ve never been one for dieting or strict eating plans, but after last year it became obvious that there was something I was eating that my face did not appreciate. I suspect it’s gluten or dairy (or, god forbid, both) and so I’ve been laying off those food groups when I can. The problem with that is, I can’t usually lay off for anything like an extended period of time. Life just gets in the way: my office orders lunch for everyone, my Mom makes dinner for the family, there’s a new asian barbecue place down the street from my apartment… the list goes on. Cheese is everywhere and it is mocking me. So, in an attempt to finally identify what it is that my skin reacts to, I’ve jumped on the January bandwagon this month and I’m attempting to do the Whole 30 challenge. So far it’s been more like the Whole 14/16, but more on that in another blog post.

For now I thought I’d share a quick breakfast bowl recipe with you that’s extremely easy and a Whole 30/Paleo friendly way to satisfy a hot bowl of oatmeal craving.

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