Hey, everyone!

Technically, I wore this outfit on Easter, which is kind of awhile ago but I really wanted to share it with you! I love this dress because it’s so classic and versatile. I’ve worn it for my college graduation, with a white blazer for work, and now here with some vintage denim and reflective sunglasses. The best part about this outfit is that both the dress (Ralph Lauren) and the shoes (Michael Kors) are from Marshall’s and only cost about 50-60 bucks each. That’s what I call a “fab found” haha. I think this might be my favorite way to style this dress; I love the Americana look and denim is my go-to when it comes to dressing down pieces that are inherently dressier. It’s all about the high/low mix! Do you guys have any tricks for dressing up or down an outfit?

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Have a great day!

The French Open
Hello! I decided to enter a contest on Polyvore recently. The challenge: quickly throw together an outfit for the French Open. I actually really like what I came up with (especially the clutch), what do you guys think? What would you wear to the French Open?
Have a great day!

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